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At Trotwood - Madison High School, our goal is to provide our students with a supportive environment that is a fun place to grow and learn. Today more than ever, it is important to help students find their own way and become productive members of our classroom, our community and the world.

This year will be different from any other school year, and we are offering our children a compelling virtual learning experience with the Trotwood - Madison High School Virtual Academy.

We hope you will find that Trotwood - Madison High School is truly a place to learn, a place to enjoy and that students are happy to come to school and enroll now. Ramnation will focus on some of the positive aspects that can be gained from the experience of virtual learning.

We would like to welcome all new families entering Trotwood - Madison High School this year and welcome the returning families as well. This video will be released on August 20, 2020 and will welcome new students, faculty, staff, parents and students from across the state of Ohio and beyond.

In the first weeks, students have the opportunity to participate in associations and other activities. Teachers and staff will also have consultation hours to assist students and parents with questions and concerns. For more information on how to contact your teacher or other staff, contact the Trotwood - Madison High School office at (440) 543-5555.

More About Trotwood

More About Trotwood